Drain Camera & Jet Rodding

Raynor Plumbing will fix your blocked drains. We service all areas of the Gold Coast.

Raynor Plumbing offers drain camera inspections which work to identify your drainage issues using advanced camera (CCTV) footage. This allows us to pin point the precise spot of your blockage, preventing any further damage to your home or property.

Raynor plumbing also has a high pressure jetter that is capable of clearing any blocked drain to ensure that your blockage will be unblocked quickly and cost effectively.

If your sewer lines are moving slowly (sluggish draining and flushing problems are a dead giveaway), then it is likely that they need to be cleaned out. Jet rodding cleans sewer pipes using water at a high intensity to flush out the pipes and cut through debris and grease build-up. Our hydro pressure jetter works by sending high pressure water down through sewer and stormwater lines, cutting through and removing any obstacle inside of the drain.

This process is necessary when other plumbing techniques (i.e. plungers) have not corrected the problem. While drainage systems are designed to carry waste, often they become severely clogged with hair, grease and other debris and that is when jet rodding is most useful.

No matter how big or small the problem may be, Raynor Plumbing will fix your blocked drains using our state-of-the-art drain camera or our special jet rodding services and have your pipes running like they did when they were new.

We service all areas of the Gold Coast. Please contact us for more details.